A Challenging Yet Rewarding Session with Hashbrown: Embracing the Universe’s Tests

by | May 4, 2024 | Animal Communication

Initial Contact

One morning, I was approached by a client seeking assistance for her anxious dog, Hashbrown. As an animal communicator, my role was to bridge the gap and understand the root cause of Hashbrown’s anxiety.

Universe’s Tests: Unexpected Challenges

Just as the session began, I encountered what I believe to be the universe’s tests. First, my typically peaceful dog started a cacophony of barks and howls, a strange disruption in an otherwise quiet space. Then, our video call connection went awry, the screen swirling into a vortex of pink, white, and green hues.

Universe’s Tests: Overcoming Barriers

The universe often presents us with trials to confirm our abilities and resilience. Despite the distractions, I found a clear channel of communication with Hashbrown. This experience was a testament to the fact that we can overcome challenges, affirming that we are on the right path.

Understanding Hashbrown: Clear Communication Despite the Chaos

Even amid the chaos, Hashbrown’s feelings became apparent. His longing for more attention and a more present companion surfaced. I relayed these insights to his human companion, emphasizing the need for a shift in their relationship.

Client’s Epiphany and Action

The client quickly grasped the situation, realizing that she needed to offer Hashbrown more of her presence. She began integrating him into her daily routines and personal transformational journey. The universe’s signs were clear and transformative, nudging her to alter her multitasking lifestyle.

Post-Session Update: Early Signs of Change

The client shared a heartening update after the session. Hashbrown seemed calmer, and she had begun talking to him more directly. She also changed her walking routine, omitting any digital distractions, and noticed a significant difference in Hashbrown’s demeanor.

Conclusion: Embracing the Universe’s Tests

This challenging session was a testament to the universe’s guiding role. By presenting tests, the universe pushes us to realize our potential and reassures us that we are on the right path. This experience with Hashbrown highlighted the power of communication and presence, leading to profound changes for both him and his owner. The universe’s tests, while seemingly disruptive, often act as catalysts for transformative moments in our lives.

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