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by | May 3, 2024 | Alternative Health Care

What is energy?

Energy is a big issue lately. The question is, are you helping or hindering your dog’s life force energy? Their vital energy for survival?

A lot of people lead lives that don’t have much contact with the natural environment. As a result, they may have built up a lot of unhealthy habits. Meanwhile, ancient cultures have enjoyed generational knowledge about the benefits of life force energy. These communities have had generational wisdom about the benefits of life force energy for 10,000 years.

In traditional Chinese culture, Qi refers to an ancient understanding of life force energy. Life force, or Spiritual power or the energy that all living things emit, is still a part of everyday life in these cultures. Qi can be called many different names in many different cultures; from Ki in Ancient Japan and Nyamam in Sub-Saharan Africa to Prana in India, Mana among Polynesians, Chu’lel among Mayans, and Alcheringa among Aboriginal Australians. In various modern cultures as well, practitioners who use holistic methods refer to Spiritual energy as Aura instead of Qi.

Life force energy

Life force energy is the power from the universe that flows through all things, life’s essence or natural forces that connect and sustain everything. Magnetism, gravity, and electricity are energetic forces of the universe that work together to cause movement of matter. Life force energy sustains and nourishes your body from all aspects, mindfully, physically and spiritually. It’s invisible energetic currents run through everything to give vitality to living things.

New studies have shown that ancient cultures had a lot of amazing wisdom. It turns out that the role of life force energy is actually very important. Science has allowed people to see both the physical objects that produce energy and areas in your body where your life force can be depleted. With this knowledge, scientists are also finding ways to change the energies, so they create life force instead.

The Qi, or life force energy, is said to control everything from thought and emotion to the movement of the body. It is a high-frequency force that connects the soul to the heart with the universal vibrational energy of unconditional love.

Animals are more in touch with their life force energy

Animals have complex energetic systems that allow them to connect with mother earth. They are also attuned to universal life force energy, which is something that humans can’t do.

Have you ever considered how your dog’s energy frequency is higher than yours? Dogs are more naturally in balance with the frequency of joy, happiness, contentment, love and more. And the great thing is that they not only transmit this high vibration out to their people, but they also take it in from themselves.

Living in cramped, confined spaces with little or no room to run can sap an animal’s energy. This is especially true for domesticated pets that are living with humans. Environmental contaminants and the lower vibrations of their human companions can also cause depletion in a dog’s energy field. In addition, they may deal with many stressors surrounding them on a day-to-day basis.

If your dog’s life force energy doesn’t stay in balance, it can easily become blocked. This then leads to illnesses or other health conditions. Your dog needs its Qi to be flowing so that ailments don’t occur and toxins can be cleaned from the body. Doing this also helps stimulate both the lymph system and immune system.

dog life force energy

How To Bring in More Energy

If we are living in harmony with the rhythm of the universe, our bodies are better able to align and heal themselves. Energy moves with the seasons, the power of nature, and the moon cycles. If we live in tune with it, our bodies will be at an optimal level of health.

Life force energy begins with two important elements; the intake of breath and the food we eat, which then travels through all the major organs. Qi moves around the body every 24 hours, working to promote wellness and prevent illness. All living things have either an up or down flow of energy, and Qi (life force) follows the meridian pathways in cooperation with one’s chakras, so everything stays in balance and remains in a vibration that supports vitality and is beneficial for life force energy.

Universal energy is able to affect different aspects of our lives, including our moods and the ability to connect with others and the universe. Most humans experience this flowing energy in one of seven major chakras in the body. When one becomes blocked, it leads to a “stagnated” life-force or significant negativity. Our dogs experience this as well, although their primary guides are often energy wavelengths that go beyond what humans can detect.

Living in the moment

Dogs live in the moment and when their meridians and chakras are in balance and moving, they thrive. When their energy is imbalanced due to stressors, their bodies struggle to cope with the onslaught of all the negative energy, leading to depletion. Energy healing sessions balance both their physical and energetic bodies.

Take as many stressors out of your pet’s life as possible, and try practices like meditation, sound baths, Reiki, crystal healing and energy healing. By balancing your own energy, you’ll heal and ensure that your dog’s energy is fully connected and unblocked.

When you provide your dogs with a cleaner, healthier environment, they will stay connected to their spiritual and physical health. Dogs are naturally drawn to environments where there is less human-generated negative energy and the toxic energy has been removed. Studies have shown that this leads to less anxiety, depression, and distress in both humans and animals.

Regularly participating in attunement techniques, such as chakra meditations, reflexology, reiki, and energy healing will clear your channels and make you feel great. This is because it allows the universal energy in your body to flow freely. Energy healing sessions for your dog are beneficial as well.

Change your environment, change the energy

Placing an Orgone energy pyramid in your home, you and your dog will feel an improvement in the energy fields. In the 1900s, Austrian physician Wilhelm Reich was famous for using this power to heal many patients of their illnesses.

Homes with orgone pyramids have a much more balanced and healthy atmosphere. They help remove electro-magnetic pollution given off by today’s technology, which causes many health issues such as aggression, irritability, and tumors.

The subtleties of energy flow can be lost or enhanced through your life choices. Choosing to be mindful, healthy and aligned with the rhythm of nature will greatly affect the energetic flow you were born with. An alternative to a mindful lifestyle is holding on to negative emotions and past traumas, which supports illness and dis-ease in the body.

The more you’re aware of the energies around you and how they intertwine through universal forces, like electricity and gravity, the better you’ll be able to harness these subtle energies for both health and vitality – for you AND your dog. You can do this by using holistic practices such as meditation and energy healing that work with your body to align energy flows, reopen them, or even heal them entirely.

Interested in energy healing sessions for your dog, or both of you? Take a look at the services I offer.

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