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Animal communication for missing pets

To continue looking at the different ways of communicating with animals, let us consider animals that have gone missing. This type of communication requires you to be in a place of no desperation or depression.

When guardians reach out to me about a missing animal, their desperation can block the energy necessary for communication. This is why it is important to draw back from such cases and allow the animals to talk freely. I encourage people to meditate daily for fifteen minutes to raise their vibration – this will help create a “heart-energy-bridge” that allows animals to communicate more easily. Positive vibrations, love and light are especially important during these stressful times. If guardians follow these steps, it should be easier for them to connect with their lost animal.

How to set up a connection with a missing pet

Choose a photo of the missing animal that does not include other animals or people (this can confuse the connection). If you can, choose one that shows its eyes. If you are familiar with the animal, you do not need a photo, just recall it. Then, look at a picture of the animal’s favorite sleeping area and the pathway or door where you want it to return. After studying the photos and recollecting them, close your eyes and start the process.

Think about yourself standing beside the missing animal as you sit quietly with the picture. Feel the warmth of its fur (or whatever it is covered in), the sound of its beating heart, the look in their eyes, their scent, and how you “feel” when you see their photo. You will use this energy to connect with the missing animal.

Prayer of Protection

In order to open up to the ether world, you begin with a prayer of silence asking for protection.

Here is what I use, you can use whatever wording you like.

My highest guides and helpers

During this time of meditation, please protect me

Knowing that everything said, heard, felt, or sensed is with love

I become one with my spirit as I blend with my subconscious.

In order to communicate with (insert animal’s name), I ask for your assistance.

All that is, I thank you.

Send your missing pet energetic love

Whether you are doing it with your eyes closed or open, send thoughts of LOVE to the animal. This love energy can be seen as white light washing over the animal. Feel the connection as this white light continues to bathe the animal. Feel the sensation of absolute love. Occasionally you may feel a bit emotional, which is completely normal. This emotion is your heart energy opening up and blending with this wonderful being.

You may get a sensation of a wall or block, if so, thank it and try again later. This is a “busy signal” or a “not now.” You may get a warm, comfortable sensation and this is a “yes.”

Sit in this space calmly and ask the animal to tell you about its environment and how it arrived here. Many people experience physical reactions such as a change in body temperature, pins and needles, a quickening of their heart, ringing in their ears – these are just your physical being resonating with the animal’s energy. You are linked by your spiritual essence, so there may be smells, sounds or visuals that come to mind. Allow the animal to share what it wants without expectation – if nothing is received, then that is okay too.

Now it is time to send the image of the door or path. Imagine this suspended in a bubble and send it out to the animal. Visualize them trotting towards it, and use your heart energy to lovingly encourage them to come back, without anyone forcing them to do so. Some communicators track animals instead, though I have found that can often become quite fruitless, since they might send images of a place they’ve merely passed through during their travels.

Assure the animal that his or her favorite sleeping place is waiting for them. Trust that they have heard you and allow enough space for them to respond. Do not rush the communication. You are waiting peacefully.

missing. pet


Enter into communication

Let’s ask a question now. Imagine your question floating in a bubble and send it to them. Trust that they will hear you.

Focus on the feelings and reasons surrounding your question instead of the question itself.

Don’t ask Yes or No closed questions. For example, “Are you hungry?” is a closed question.”

The question, “Where have you been finding your food?” is an open one.

Sit in silence after sending your question, accepting that they have heard you. Stay in this loving energy.

Their response appears in a bubble as it returns to you and pops open. It can be a thought, a feeling, an image, a sound, a taste, or a knowing, and it can come to you before you even ask the question, since they are reading your thoughts and are excited that you are communicating in their language.

Just feel everything that comes to you. Do not try to think about it or engage any logic, just let the communication wash over you. This requires practice, so if you do not feel anything the first time, don’t give up. Remember, your intention is to make the communication clear and understandable. Trust this, regardless of what you may have received.

It is always a good idea to ask the animal if there is anything else they would like to share before ending the communication.

Whenever possible, thank the animal for this connection and leave them with this beautiful white light of love. Write everything down in your journal. You can repeat it several times a day and begin to piece together the messages. You will know you’re trying, and they’ll feel your love energy even if this animal doesn’t return.

As a professional animal communicator, I have learned that there are no guarantees that the animal will come back. Home environments can change, and other animals may have moved in near them, or they may respond to the food being switched. Animals may tell me that people have been having lots of arguments, or those living in the house are preparing to move. Some go on an adventure, while others never return due to a physical health issue. Regardless of why the animal has left, it is powerful for them to feel your love and care when you make an effort to get them back. All people have this ability to send love energy through their thoughts, and I strongly encourage doing so for all animals in need.

Would you like my assistance in connecting with a missing pet? Contact me to schedule an animal communication session.

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