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by | May 3, 2024 | Animal Communication

Meditation is the path to communicating with your pet

All people are able to communicate with plants, trees, water, animals, and more. However, through the years they’ve forgotten how to do this. Meditation is the key to re-learning this natural perception.

I meditate daily, and I’ve found that once I began to cultivate a long-term practice of meditation, the line between me and the other beings around me started to blur. Wait…what? How can simply sitting in meditation open up this connection between us? Well, it’s actually really simple. Meditation clears out the clutter in our mind. Animals communicate through thoughts, and as we clear our mind and become present, they seize the opportunity to speak with us too! Yes, indeed – they do so WITH US! We have this back-and-forth dialogue that occurs.

Meditation allows you to have a clear bridge of communication with your higher being. Recording every meditation is an easy way to make sure you’re not forgetting anything, while keeping a written record of your journey. I remember the day when I finally realized that meditation was opening this door. It changed the entire meaning of my life.

How to enter into communication with your animal

If you want to make contact with your intuition, the number one rule is to TRUST everything that comes to you. It might be sounds, tastes, feelings, or just a feeling of knowing. Even if it sounds silly or nonsensical – TRUST it. Remember: The information will come from somewhere else, but YOU have to accept and use it in your own way.

Find a quiet place, and then find an animal you want to talk to. Pets work best, but wild animals will work if that’s all you can find. Be sure to write down your thoughts as you converse, so you don’t forget anything.

Close your eyes, and meditate as you ask for protection as you open to the ether world. A ritual from my own personal practice is:

My highest guides and helpers

Please protect me at this time of meditation

Bring me only beings full of love.

Let me become one with my spirit as I blend with my subconscious.

I want to talk to this animal and I need your help.

Thank you, Universe.

Now that you’re in that zen-like state, begin sending thoughts of love to the animal. Picture this love as white light and know that you are connecting with this creature. You may feel a bit emotional as this is your heart opening up and feeling connected with the animal. This feeling is perfectly normal; it’s a sign of your heart becoming strong and opening up.

Ask permission to speak with the animal. If you get a feeling of a wall around you or block, be grateful and try again later. It’s just an experience of getting a busy signal or a not now signal. If you get a warm feeling, then that’s a yes.

Welcome them into your home by making the animal feel safe in your presence. Your calm, welcoming thoughts will help them feel more comfortable around you. They can also see the aura field you emit, and they’ll sense that you are not a threat.

meditation with dog


Ask your pet a question to continue the communication

You can ask a question. Watch your question float within a bubble, and then send it to the animal.

Trust that the animal hears you. Wait patiently.

Keep your question simple. Focus on what you want out of it and why you’re asking.

It’s important to ask open questions instead of closed ones, as a closed question only provides a yes or no answer. For example, “Does your paw hurt?” is a closed question, while “How did you hurt your paw?” is an open question.

Accepting the answer starts with hearing the animal and genuinely listening. Next, it’s all about trusting them. Wait as your animal sends you an answer– sit in silence and stay in this love energy for as long as possible.

When you ask, the answer will appear in a bubble and then open with a reply. Sometimes the response will come quickly before you even ask, because they already knew that you were interested. It can be a reaction to something you’ve said, or just them telling you what they know.

Next, just try to be open to whatever comes to you. There’s no need for logic – allow yourself to feel the communication flow through and settle into your mind. This takes time and practice, so if you don’t feel or sense anything at first, don’t become discouraged.

Always ask your animal if they have anything else they would like to discuss before ending the conversation.

Thank them for meeting with you! Send them love and then write everything down before you forget.

In the next blog article, I’ll discuss how using this communication can make our world a better place.

Do you want to communicate with your dog, ask him questions, find solutions to problems? I can help! Book an animal communication session with me and find out what your pet really has to say.

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