Do dogs mourn the death of another pet?

by | May 3, 2024 | Alternative Health Care

There is plenty of evidence that dogs grieve.

I’m often asked if dogs grieve like we do. People also ask me, “Do dogs mourn death?” and “How dog I help a grieving dog?”

When I first started seeing dogs as a communicator, I would talk to them about different topics, including how they feel and how they grieve.

After many people came to me and asked what their dog was trying to communicate to them, I started to pay more attention to what the animals were actually saying. After years of intuiting for pets, I had come to realize that they don’t grieve like humans do.

Missing their presence

I had many discussions with dogs about how they deal with mourning, and what I found was fascinating. As it turns out, dogs mourn differently than we do.

First, they told me about how the animal crossed over into the spirit world and how different it feels when that animal isn’t there. Without the other animal there, dinner time is weird, play time feels different, and even cuddle time changes. Even warmth feels different now that the animal’s not there.

And, to me, that all makes sense. The animal still here is going to miss the physical presence of the one who has crossed over.

Daily life changes

But I sensed something more. It wasn’t that they were mourning-they had changed their behavior due to the grief caused by their human companion.

When something really sad happens, humans often show the following behaviors: they’re sad and stay in bed, they don’t do their usual activities, and they may cry a lot. They also find that it’s tough to feel joy in normal things.

But we often forget that our dog still needs these things from us.

Dogs have a complex emotional network, so when they lose their bearings because of humans’ grief, they often experience more than just the loss of the other animal. They also experience the loss of their lifestyle!

Our dog’s grief is actually our grief

When you experience a death in your life and feel disconnected, it’s hard for both you and your dog. You see, dogs pick up on our emotions and thoughts. That’s why it’s so important to take care of you and your dog when an important relationship is lost.

If your dog seems depressed, take a look at how much time you’ve been spending with them lately. Making time for them can help improve their mood and make them feel less isolated. Have you stepped out of their life because they don’t seem like your dog anymore? Try spending more time together and see if that has any positive effects on the relationship.

Our dogs’ environment is our responsibility and needs to be monitored. A change in behavior is a natural response when they lose what they’ve become accustomed to.

If you find yourself in a position where you’re grieving and not taking time to be with your dog, take a moment to create or maintain a routine. You may want to start fresh with something different, or maybe you would like to stick close to the old routine. No matter what happens, just remember that it’s important for you and your dog to stick with some sort of schedule!

dog grief


Should dogs see their dead friends’ bodies

Having closure is the final step for many people following someone’s death. Seeing the deceased’s body can be a powerful way to connect with their memory and see them off on their journey.

Dogs don’t need this kind of programming, because they’re already connected to one another in a very intuitive way. They are aware of everything that’s going on with each other.

Because dogs are highly tuned to their owner’s emotional state, they know a loved one has passed away long before you. They already understand that your cat is going to die, or that your beloved dog just died. They can even tell you when and how they went on their last flight to the rainbow bridge.

You can allow them to see the deceased animal, if it will make you feel better. Just remember that you are doing it for your comfort and not for your dog’s. If this process helps you deal with the grief, then go ahead and do it knowing it is helping you, not your dog that is still here.

Dogs and the other side of the veil

Dogs are well-connected to one another through their intuition. This allows them to survive in the world by seeking safety and comfort in numbers. It only stands to reason that their spiritual connections don’t end when an animal dies. In many cases, other animals left behind can even still connect and communicate with their deceased friends!

Death is a difficult experience for both those left behind and the pet that has departed. As you move to accept your loved one’s death, your dog will also go through their own grieving process. They will feel the physical absence of their body, but they’ll also form a deeper connection with the animal that has passed on.

Our pets on the other side want to connect with us as well. There will be moments when your dog that is still here communicates and connects with your pet on the other side. This means that, if you keep your eyes open, you may get a beautiful confirmation that your beloved pet has come back for a visit. There are many ways they can do this – perhaps they play with imaginary objects, stare into “empty space”, or temporarily behave like their friend in the Spirit world – all because they want to say hello and see how we’re doing.

Would you like to communicate more deeply with your dog – or one of your beloved departed pets? You can! Schedule an animal communication session with me and get all your questions answered.

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