How do dogs communicate psychically with us?

by | May 3, 2024 | Animal Communication

Dogs communicate with us all the time

There are many ways that dogs communicate, but what about psychically? Here are five confirmed ways dogs communicate psychically on a daily basis.

Before we get into the different ways, there are a few things you need to know. Dogs communicate psychically with us every day, whether they’re living or dead. A lot of people think that animals in spirit are the only ones who can send psychic messages, but that’s just not true. Dogs here with us are sending us psychic messages all the time.


The first way dogs send their humans messages psychically is done through sound. Dogs bark around you when they’re not near, and you can see their face in the clouds or hear their name three times on the radio. They also express themselves by whining or making other sounds, which is a clear indication that something needs your attention.


Dogs will often use our bodies to send us psychic messages. For example, if they are scared, we might get scared too. If they are sad or excited, we may also feel that emotion. They want us to feel their emotions so that we can better meet their needs.

When they focus on a sensation and we ourselves are feeling the same sensation, that physical alignment can happen. If my dog felt something in their shoulder, they could send me the message about this because then my own shoulder would also ache.

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Dogs are psychic, and they can send messages to us psychically. Maybe you wake up one morning, and you see an image in your mind that your dog’s water bowl is empty — the dog might be telling you that they are thirsty! Or maybe you’re looking for your dog’s leash and a picture of the leash under the sofa appears in your head. Your dog could be trying to tell you that it fell under the sofa! Paying attention to these visuals will help you better understand your dog.

Taste and Smell

When people ask me how animals communicate psychically, I usually say two things: they can send us tastes and smells. If you’ve ever experienced your pet making your mouth water or feeling parched, this is what they’re doing. Over time, you’ll learn that whenever you get that taste or feeling in your mouth, it’s time to refill the water dish. Dogs can also give a psychic smell by “telling” us when we need to take them outside to do their business.


The last psychic message is about knowing, which is the intangible aspect of intuition. It can’t be experienced through any of the five senses. For example, you’re sitting at the kitchen table, and suddenly you know your dog needs to go outside without hearing any movement from her or seeing anything. The challenge with this type of knowledge is that there’s nothing you can really grab onto, like facts. It creates a dilemma for people who need tangible evidence in order to believe in something, but it also has its benefits.

Animals communicate psychically in a variety of ways. One common technique is telepathy. But don’t fret if you can’t catch the signs and signals – finding out how your animal communicates is another way to strengthen your relationship.

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