How Your Thoughts Shape Your Dog’s Behavior

by | May 4, 2024 | Alternative Health Care

We all love our dogs, right? But sometimes, it’s not just about giving them treats or belly rubs. There’s a whole emotional and mental aspect that’s often missed when we’re talking to our four-legged pals. The interesting thing is, what’s going on in our heads can actually shape our dogs’ behaviors – both the good and the not-so-good ones.

Dogs: The Furry Empaths

Our furry friends are pretty good at sensing what we’re feeling. Whether we’re down in the dumps or jumping for joy, our dogs can usually tell. This isn’t too surprising when you think about how long dogs have been by our side, evolving alongside us. They’ve gotten really good at picking up on our feelings.

Words vs Thoughts

Here’s where it gets tricky. We might be saying one thing to our dogs, but thinking something entirely different. Like, we might be saying “you’re such a good boy” but on the inside, we’re thinking “I bet he’s going to screw up again.” And guess what? Your dog might be picking up on that more than you’d think.

This kind of mixed messaging can be super confusing for our dogs. It could even lead to them not understanding what we want from them, like pulling on the leash when we’re trying to enjoy a peaceful walk.

The Power of Positive Thinking

When we’re trying to train our dogs, we often lean on words like ‘don’t,’ ‘stop,’ and ‘no.’ But here’s the thing: these words don’t tell our dogs what we want them to do. So, instead of saying “don’t pull” when your dog’s yanking on the leash, try something like “walk next to me.”

thoughts and dogs behavior



Think Happy Thoughts

Shifting your mindset towards positivity can do wonders for your dog’s behavior. Not just what you say out loud, but what you’re thinking too.

Replace the thought “he’s going to screw up again” with something more positive like “he’s getting better at this.” This will help your dog feel more secure and ready to learn.

The Importance of Positive Vibes

One way to tap into your thought power is to concentrate on the stuff you love about your dog. This positivity can influence your feelings, and your dog will definitely pick up on that. Dogs love it when they’re showered with positivity and affection. It makes them feel good and encourages them to behave well.

Final Thoughts: Your Thoughts Have Power

So, to wrap things up, your thoughts and feelings can seriously impact your dog’s behavior. Being aware of your internal talk and making it more positive can help improve your relationship with your dog.

Remember, your dog might not understand your words the way humans do, but they can totally pick up on your emotions and thoughts. So, the next time you’re hanging out with your furry friend, remember that your thoughts can really make a difference. Use them to build a great relationship with your best buddy.

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