Healing: What Does It Mean?

by | May 4, 2024 | Energy Healing

We are living in strange times, and our animals are aware of our discomfort when we give in to it.

We could classify some of the things we naturally do as “energy healing for animals”. Animals have a natural instinct for survival, and reading energy is part of that instinct.

We must walk in the door calmly, coolly, and collected as the emotional leader. We must leave our troubles behind, or at least leave them at the door. If you need them later, you can pick them up. Animals know when we are “off” or in a mood. We simply compound their situation if they are “off” or anxious.

Make sure you have the right polarity

Opposites or contrasts could define polarity as a universal law. One can describe the relevant direction of the poles. So can the direction of electric and magnetic current. Certain things disrupt our polarity.

We live in a world of EMF’s (electric magnetic fields). They often make radiation that harms our bodies and being. We need to protect our animals.

In order to ground and balance your polarities, there is a simple technique you can do:

  • From right to left, swipe your first two fingers across your forehead six to eight times.

When you see your animal is uneasy, and you are safe to touch the animal on the head, you could ground their polarity by:

  • Swipe your first two fingers across their forehead from left to right if you are facing them, or you can swipe from right to left if you are standing above them.

Rocks in your pockets

Rocks, made of earth, naturally ground us! You can use crystals to enhance a grounded feeling. You can also use them to focus on an animal that needs healing or reassurance. Crystals form in the earth and are often found in combination with other minerals. They can carry energy, memory, and even technology.

Crystals can bring animals back into their bodies. They amplify good behavior, improve communication, and promote well-being. Crystals can also treat physical symptoms. These include inflammation, migraines, sore muscles, and backaches.

Here are a few examples of crystals you can carry:

  • Balance your emotions with rose quartz

  • Citrine for self-esteem (helps shy cats or timid dogs)

  • Change is supported by calcite

  • Heart healing and tranquility can be achieved with rose quartz

  • Initiate wisdom and intuition with amethyst, as well as healing in general

Bladder Sweep

From the inside of each eye, over the top of the head, down the neck, along the back (parallel to the spine), to the outside toe of each hind leg is the bladder meridian used for the bladder sweep. If you’re not a yogi, you won’t be able to do this elegantly on yourself, but you can do it with an animal that’s too excited to be outside or too anxious to go outside.

Sweeping your hand along the bladder meridian, you can even out an animal’s energy. With practice, your hands will develop the necessary sensitivity to detect any heat, coolness, or disturbances in the energy. It’s a simple process: start at the forehead and sweep down the base of the spine and each leg, taking three passes in total. When it comes to animals with a missing limb or docked tail, simply sweep down to where the limb or tail would be.

healing in dogs


Just Be

There are a lot of things we can do to be with our animals, but “just being” with them is one of the most profound things we can do. You will experience amazing benefits for and with your animals if you take a moment to drop into your heart, feel your heart chakra, notice your breath, and let the day slip away. When I am in this meditative, quiet space, I often use the word “Settle”. Eventually, they will settle.

EFT tapping, (Emotional Freedom Technique)

With EFT, the nervous system is calmed, emotional healing is promoted, physical pain is alleviated, and performance anxiety is lessened. It involves tapping on specific acupuncture points to ease or calm the body. Each acupressure point is associated with a meridian, and the meridian is associated with an organ system. Each organ is associated with an emotion, so tapping on these points can calm, if not heal.

By reviewing the bad story with feel-good points, the triggers are mitigated. The memory is still there, but the relaxation level is high enough to make different decisions. Among the many uses of EFT are anxiety, fear, aggression, and more.

It is how you use your energy that counts. Hopefully, these tips will help you soften your energy when necessary and step into emotional leadership. If you would like assistance in helping your pet, contact me or schedule an energy healing session.

Don’t hesitate to contact me:

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