The Magic of Animal Reiki: A Story of Healing and Connection

by | May 4, 2024 | Energy Healing

It was just another ordinary morning for me. I was outside in my pyjamas, letting my dogs out for their morning pee and poo, when I noticed one of my dogs, Davis, frantically eating specific grasses. Shortly after, he started throwing up all the grass and it was clear that he had a tummy ache. But little did I know that this seemingly ordinary morning would turn into a profound moment of healing and connection through the power of animal Reiki.

At first, I wasn’t thinking about Reiki. I was still half asleep and simply concerned about my dog’s well-being. But Davis had other ideas. He walked straight over to me, turned sideways, stared at his tummy, and then at my hands. It was clear to me that Davis was asking for Reiki, a healing technique that involves channeling energy to promote relaxation, balance, and wellbeing.

Davis and his profound Reiki connection

Without hesitation, I squatted down in the wet yard and sent roots down, a grounding technique used in Reiki. I then sandwiched Davis’s tummy with my hands, and he stayed perfectly still, staring off into the distance in a deep trance. As I continued to channel Reiki energy, my hands got warm and I could feel the energy flowing through me.

This profound moment of connection lasted a long time, with Davis occasionally partially closing his eyes and me feeling the quiet presence of the calm morning and the birds around us. As Davis continued to guide me, I placed my hands on either side of his head and then on either hip, with each position resulting in a different experience of energy flow.

The power of Reiki was clear as Davis relaxed deeply and allowed the healing energy to flow through him. Through his clear requests, Davis became the guide and the teacher, showing me the power of Reiki and the profound connection between animals and humans.

As the session came to an end, Davis gently kissed me on the face, wagged his tail, and walked away. This deeply moving experience reminded me of the magic of animal Reiki and the deep connection that exists between humans and animals.



Animal Reiki is a powerful healing technique that can help animals to relax, balance, and heal. It involves channeling energy to promote wellbeing and can be used to treat a variety of issues such as physical ailments, anxiety, stress, and emotional trauma. By working with animals in this way, we can deepen our connection with them and learn from their wisdom and intuition.

This story of me and Davis is a testament to the power of animal Reiki and the deep connection that exists between humans and animals. It shows us that even in the most unexpected moments, healing and connection can arise when we listen to the wisdom and intuition of our animal companions.

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