Hi! My name is Corine
I'm a Soul-led dog parenting coach
Enlightened Animal was created to serve as a channel and voice for dogs. It will empower you to connect deeply with your pets. You'll be inspired to live close to the rhythms of the natural world.
Talking to animals was normal for me when I was very young. But, I stopped when family and friends said it was strange and I was weird. I chose a more science-based career. This was because I believed society accepted it. ​

It took until I was in my 50s to come to the understanding that communication and energy work was and always had been my true higher calling.

I received a Bachelors Degree in Animal Science and then went on to get trained in many areas: Whole Energy Body Balance, raw dog food nutrition, acute canine herbalism, canine aromatherapy, canine behavior, positive dog training, tricks training, canine massage, psycharomatica , homeopathy, animal communication and energy healing, including quantum healing and scalar wave.

My Journey into Energy Healing and Communication

I now often connect with nature, the elements, and wildlife. Wonderful messages come in from all creatures, whether they are plants or animals.

My soulmate dog, Lucas, died at age 3 to epilepsy.  He was my heart dog, my truest and closest friend.  Not long after his passing he started coming to me during my meditations. He helped me understand that there is so much more to our journey than what we can see, hear and physically feel.

Lucas reconnected me with my spiritual side. My heart and soul opened to receiving greater messages. He made me remember that I’ve been able to communicate and work with energy since very young. I had just forgotten.

​It’s an honor to be able to share this with you for the benefit of your beloved animals.

My mission is to combine compassion and presence with the healing power of energy healing. This mix will enhance your dog’s life. I’m a firm believer in holistic wellness and natural care, and I know you are too. Let’s deepen our understanding of your dog’s needs. We’ll also strengthen your bond. Are you open to starting a journey together? It will lead to a longer, healthier, and happier life for your furry family member. Your dog’s well-being is my devotion, and I’m here to be the light on this incredible journey we’ll take together.

Interested in my credentials?  Here you go!

  • Bachelors Degree in Animal Science, UC Davis

  • Applied Canine Therapy & Training, IPDT

  • Advanced Canine Nutrition, Possible Canine

  • Herbs for Canine Health, Possible Canine

  • Aromatherapy for dogs, PRIL Laboratory

  • Whole Energy Body Balance for Pets bodywork practitioner, WEBB

  • Raw Dog Food Nutrition Specialist, DNM university

  • Acute Canine Herbalism Specialist, DNM university

  • Trick Dog Instructor, DMWYD


  • Animal Psycharomatica practitioner, Essential Animals®

  • Quantum Touch Healing, Quantum Touch

  • Healing Touch for Animals Practitioner, HTA

  • Animal Communication and Energy Healing, CWALU

  • Animal Reiki Practitioner, Wild Reiki and Shamanic Healing

  • Soul Level Animal Communication, Danielle MacKinnon School

  • Let Animals Lead® Method of Animal Reiki, Animal Reiki Source

  • The Trust Technique, Crossfields Institute

The main issue that I reached out to you for was the aggressive behavior of Louie when Soph and I were close. We seemed to have sorted this out with positive confirmation of who is the best friend and who mummy is. He seems to calm down. You knew about him chasing cars and coming off second best which I'm not sure if I mentioned however he realizes this was a mistake. He is relishing learning new tricks and I can't wait to see him in a top hat and rose in his mouth! The way you connected and communicated his energy to us was amazing! You are very gifted and the world needs you!
Kate & Louie

It was a pleasure speaking and working with you. As we discussed, the primary challenge I was trying to resolve is Winston's urinating in the house. While I know that male dogs will urinate to claim or mark their territory, it hadn't occurred to me that his in-house urination might be territorial, as opposed to simply having accidents, or just not realizing that he should signal when he wants to go outside to relieve himself. I appreciated your expertise and your perspective to help me see and understand the situation from a different point of view. With this new insight, I feel like Winston and I can re-frame the communication between us and find a mutually satisfying resolution. Thank you again for the communication session—It was fascinating to see the process.
Jodie & Winston

Having tried everything for almost 8 years for my fearful girl who's afraid of everything and everyone, I had the chance to contact Corine and she was able to tell me what worried her and scared her. Since the communication, I find her really more peaceful for the first time. She's even sleeping in the same room as us! With Corine's help, we will continue to work on her confidence. Don't hesitate to try this for your pups. When medicine doesn't work, other routes are possible, and thanks to Corine I'm discovering a stable and less dangerous dog. Thank you!
Alessia & Ikschaster

I wanted to thank Corine for reassuring me about the state of mind and health of my girl. The conversation was very nice, full of sweetness and rich in emotion. I now know that she is happy with me and that her  life suits her well.  Corine does a remarkable job, I love her way of interpreting emotions, it is simple and colorful. The body scan was great too, it allowed me to make a necessary decision regarding seeing a specialist for her eyes. Corine has an extraordinary connection with our dear little furry friends. Thank you again
Danielle & Isla

I was trying to understand why my dog scratches and licks a lot, causing damage to her skin. I had a hypothesis, Corine’s work allowed me to validate it and I will therefore be able to work at a resolution with Patoune. This session will allow me to improve her life as a result. One thing is certain: I know which direction to go in!! I couldn’t be more satisfied with the session.
Constance & Patoune

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