Success starts with Soul-Led Dog Parenting
Forget everything you’ve heard about parenting your dog. Dive into a holistic approach that will build a spiritual bond with your dog and support him with a lifetime of health and happiness.

If you’re like most dog moms, you want a deep connection with your pup. Believe it or not, you need to nurture not just your dog’s body, but also their mind and spirit. You’re in the right place. I can help you enhance your bond with your beloved dog. Dive into the world of energy healing for dogs and animal communication. Consider joining the soul-led dog parenting collective membership. I’m really glad you’re here. This site is full of incredible resources. Let me help you change your relationship with your dog.

And remember, it’s not just about your dog’s well-being, but yours too. Taking care of yourself is just as important.  This work will affect you as much as it will your dog.  Let’s embark on this transformative journey together! Together, we’ll create harmony and happiness in your home.

Energy Healing for Dogs

This aims to balance the body's energy. It's perfect for well-being and vitality. It respects your dog's natural wisdom. It uses natural healing to keep your pup healthy and balanced.

Animal Communication

I'll connect with your dog to understand their needs and behavior. This will help you understand their thoughts, feelings and will deepen your bond. Then, you can better meet their needs.

Soul-Led Dog Parenting Collective

Your one-stop destination for holistic dog care, communication, and soul-led dog parenting guidance. Join a community of like-minded people. Get expert insights and find support at every stage of your journey.
Hi! My name is Corine
I'm a Soul-Led Dog Parenting Coach
I'm trained in animal science, genetics, nutrition, and positive dog training. Additionally, I'm also trained in energy healing and animal communication. I work with meridians, chakras, essential oils, herbs, and homeopathy. I approach dog care in a balanced and holistic manner.
I believe that our beloved canine companions deserve more than just physical care; they deserve nurturing of their mind, body, and soul. That’s why I specialize in soul-led dog parenting, where compassion and presence are the guiding principles. Whether through energy healing sessions, intuitive animal communication, or my membership collective where you can learn to deepen your bond and skills, I empower you to embark on a transformative journey toward holistic wellness for both yourself and your furry companions.
Through hands-off energy healing sessions and intuitive communication, I facilitate the self-healing journey of your canine companions, both physically and emotionally. Together, we explore the intricate balance of energy, emotions, and physical well-being, ensuring that your dog thrives in every aspect of their life.

Join me and our collective on this soul-led approach to dog parenting, where love, compassion, and presence illuminate the path to true connection and well-being.

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