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soul-led dog services


Welcome to my soul-led dog services! I specialize in energy healing, animal communication, and holistic health for dogs. Energy healing can remove energetic blocks and promotes balance and well-being. Animal communication can bridge the gap between you and your dog’s inner world. In my soul-dog parenting membership, the focus is on nourishing your and your dog’s mind, body, and soul. Join me on the journey of soul-led dog parenting. Here, compassion and presence are key.


Sometimes, being heard is enough for our pets to change. But, with big, lasting behavior or health problems, or when we are sad or frustrated with our pets, energy healing sessions are vital. They break negative patterns.

I will offer energy to help create balance. It will reduce stress and create the chance for self-healing.

What are the results? Pets living together can stop fighting after years of hating each other. Pets can stop misbehaving after only one to a few sessions. Some animals can get a new lease on life after injury or illness.

Remote energy healing sessions for animals can effectively provide support for their well-being. These sessions help with recovery from illness and injury. They aid in post-surgery healing and reduce medication side effects. This can also offer comfort during hospice and the end of life.

energy healing services
animal communication services


I will use telepathy and energy techniques. I’ll also use my knowledge of animal behavior and natural wellness. This will help you understand your pet’s needs.

Your pet can express many things during a session. These include: favorite things and personality. Also, how they feel about each other (if in a multiple pet household) and their beliefs about their job.

I will ask about your pet’s issues, behaviors, emotions, and illness. Then, I will offer practical steps to increase harmony in your home. I might also suggest more energy work. I will also recommend trainers and other natural wellness providers.

I’ll also ask about the soul contract your pet has with you and what life lessons you are working on together.​


Get answers to your burning questions about your dog’s well-being.

A “Pick My Brains” session is a personalized consultation. It is informative. It’s designed for your specific questions and concerns about your dog’s wellness. This session will give you knowledge and insights. They come from a holistic understanding of dog wellness. Do you have questions about alternative health? Do you need guidance on nutrition? Or are you interested in exploring energy work? This session provides a safe space for open conversation. Additionally, it can cover topics such as animal communication, herbal remedies, and mental and physical wellness. You can also learn positive training techniques. Or learn about the power of the present moment. You can learn practices like meditation and self-care. These practices can greatly improve your bond with your dog and enrich their life.

VIP services


Do you love your furry friend no matter what? Do you long for their best health, regardless of their current health? Whether your dog is battling illness, in pain, or in the prime of health, I have just the gift for both of you.

I proudly present the Enlightened Animal VIP First-Class 30-Day One-on-One Program.

I designed the service to make your pet’s life easier. Your pet deserves this, as it fosters happiness, prosperity, and longevity. I value your trust in me and aim to meet your desire to provide the best for your pet.

Invest in this unique offering. It will allow you and your pet to address physical, mental, and spiritual issues.  You will be my top priority for the entire month we work together.

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