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Continued from Part 2

It can be really difficult to communicate with nature’s other creatures, and it’s often even more difficult when you’ve lost a pet. Let’s be clear about some of the methods of communicating with animals that do not require anything from you but your willingness to try. You might be in a place where you are dealing with sadness or depression since your pet is in spirit, so before trying any sort of communication, you must consider the state of mind you are currently in. If this makes sense to you, here are 5 steps to get started.

Here’s how to use the power of your imagination to “link up” with your loved ones who have crossed over:

  • Choose a photo of you and your departed pet.

  • Sit quietly with the picture and imagine yourself beside your pet.

  • Think of a memory that invokes your love energy, and feel it as it bubbles to the surface.

  • Feel the warmth, sound, and gaze of your cherished pet.

Communication review

To practice taming the mind, you need to start with a prayer of silence and ask for protection before opening to the spirit world. I use this:

My highest guides and helpers

Please protect me at this time of meditation

Bring me only beings full of love.

I become one with my spirit as I blend with my subconscious.

I want to talk to this animal and I need your help.

I thank you, Universe.

You may now close your eyes or leave them open (I prefer to keep my eyes closed for this). Next, think about how you can express love to your pet. Imagine the love as a white light, bathing over the animal and feeling the connection this relationship creates. It’s natural that you will feel emotional at this point–it’s your heart energy opening up to create a deeper connection.

Ask your pet in spirit if they want to speak with you. You may feel a wall or block, if so, thank the animal and try again later. You have just interacted with them on an energetic level; this is what it feels like to get a busy signal or “not now”. It can also feel like a warm, comfortable sensation; this means “yes.”

pets in spirit


Connect with your animal in spirit

You might want to start by being calm, still, and focusing on a happy memory you shared with your pet. Let’s say they used to nuzzle against you lovingly. Stay in that moment for just a few minutes and feel your heart opening more and more. You might “feel” body temperature shifts, prickly skin, heart flutters, or even hear ringing. This is all part of the connection you have – while you are physical they are energetic and you both connect through the beautiful spirit that lives on from your animal.

Would you like to ask your pet a question? Think of what your question is, and then take a deep breath. Imagine the question as a bubble, and send it to your pet. Trust that they have heard what you’ve said. Now just wait for their answer, which will come soon enough!

Start by making sure your question is simple and focus on the feelings and reasoning behind it.

To get the most out of your experience, use OPEN questions. Closed questions are limited in response to “yes” or “no.” For example, “Do you visit me?” is a closed question.

The question “Which room do you like best when you visit me?” is an open-ended one.

Asking the question and trusting that they have heard it and are answering is key. After you’ve done so, sit in silence for a moment before moving on to the next question.

As you wait, you see responses as bubbles that float back to you and pop open. You may notice it’s a thought, feeling, image, sound or taste-even if it just feels like knowing. You can often see a response before you even ask the question because they’re reading your thoughts and feel excited that there is someone who understands their language.

Focus on the message

Next, just focus on what’s coming through. Do not think about it or try to engage any logic–just relax and allow the flow of communication to wash over you. IT TAKES TIME TO REACH THIS LEVEL OF PEACEFULNESS, so if you don’t feel or sense anything the first few times, don’t give up.

Before ending the conversation, always ask if you can be of any further assistance.

Express your gratitude and then let them know that you will keep in touch. Write everything down in your journal.

This is a great way to continue the loving relationship once they have crossed. You will need commitment and practice, but all can do this. I’ve seen many people who don’t believe in these things come away from these sessions feeling thankful, because they were able to see and feel the heart energy that was sent to them from across the veil from their pet in spirit.

Do you want to communicate with your pet in spirit, ask him questions, find solutions to problems? I can help! Book an animal communication session with me and find out what your pet really has to say.

Don’t hesitate to contact me:

Email : contact@enlightenedanimal.com

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