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Animals can see auric fields

Continued from Part 1… As you continue to blend your energy with animals in communication, your bond will grow and your aura will reveal this. Animals can see your auric field. Not only do they use their physical senses such as scent, body language, sound, and taste but also that of the vibrational energy field you emit. Can you imagine how different YOUR world would be if you could “see” anger, malice, fear from someone’s aura? How do I know without a doubt that animals can “see” an auric field? I’ve had conversations with them and YOU can too.

Every day, humans have the natural ability to communicate with animals. Yet we’ve ceased using this form of communication since society has taught us that humans are at the top of the food chain. To start changing this mindset, you can meditate every day and erase these thoughts. We’re all equal, and we’re all ONE. If you want to move forward in helping our Earth and others on it, we need to start thinking of them as equals too.

Animals are important for many reasons. They demonstrate how we can share natural resources and teach us about coexisting with other living beings on the planet. Animals experience many things from fear and pain to joy and contentment, which can help us learn as well. Humans can often take what they have for granted and be greedy rather than thinking of others. They might not care about the effect their actions have on animals or the environment, but if they don’t then Mother Earth will feel the pain as well.

Animal Communication Lesson 2

Take a moment right now and find an animal nearby. Sit quietly in its energy and allow it to experience your calmness. Your thoughts are peaceful, serene, and non-confrontational. Be an innocent passerby in this animal’s life. It might be a chipmunk, a frog or a chickadee- but the type of creature doesn’t matter. The animal is capable of communicating with you if it chooses to do so.

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Communication tips

Here are some tips on how to communicate with your fellow animals. I wrote about it in the last blog post.

Quiet… It’s time for a moment of reflection. Ask yourself if you’re ready to go on this journey and are willing to experience things that might be outside your comfort zone. This is what I use:

My highest guides and helpers

Please protect me at this time of meditation

Bring me only beings full of love.

Let me become one with my spirit as I blend with my subconscious.

I want to talk to this animal and I need your help.

Thank you, Universe.

Connecting with animals

In order to connect with this animal, you’ll need to take note of their appearance and then compliment them for their strength, sharp eyesight or any other attractive qualities.

Continue to send thoughts of love to the animal. You can do this with your eyes open or closed. Next, see a bright white light washing over the animal. This is your love energy. Feel the connection as this white light continues to bathe the creature and blend with this sensation of absolute love. There’s a good chance you’ll start feeling something inside – and that’s okay! Your emotions are opening up and blending with the beautiful being in front of you.

Ask permission to speak with the animal. You may get a feeling of a wall or a block, if so thank the animal and try again later. This is becoming aware of what it means to get a “busy signal” or “not now.” You may get an uncharacteristically agreeable sensation, and this is a “yes.”

Start out by being still in this space and send thoughts that make the animal feel safe with your presence. They’ll also be able to SEE your auric field and will perceive you as a being who truly cares.

You can try to ask one of the animals a question. Think of your question and then ask it before putting it in a bubble.

Wait for the animal to come to you.

When you ask a question, it’s important to stay focused on the feelings around the question.

Learn about lessons for the planet

One of the ways animals communicate to us is by communicating things about the planet. So, to learn more-what they need, what they want to teach us-you first have to listen. One animal may be happy foraging in your garden, while another may see a higher purpose in showcasing their knowledge and skills and telling you what it or the planet needs. What are the things that will make them thrive? Are there plants that they need? What does the soil need? Can we work together to create positive changes for our planet?

Animal communication is not an innate ability; it takes time and practice. You may not start off by talking to turtles, but it will happen with time. Soon, you’ll be in a deep conversation with wildlife as your intuition guides you and your gifts are realized. Whether you decide to act on this gift is up to you, but one thing’s for certain: animals are capable of showing empathy with all beings. Communication between humans, animals, and nature may take some time, but it will eventually lead us towards a new world where ALL can exist peacefully in the pursuit of peace.


Journaling is an important part of the process. Remember to end with gratitude and appreciation for the animal. If you have a camera, take a picture to capture their image and revisit them any time you want. Close your eyes in your imagination and do this same practice beside them in spirit.

We’ll talk about what it’s like to connect with a loved one in spirit, who used to walk along-side you. In my next blog post, we’ll discuss how to establish a connection with a dear friend that once walked (or swam or flew) beside you and how to open up to their LOVE energy. They too are very wise and can offer much guidance as you continue your journey into the afterlife.

Do you want to communicate with your dog, ask him questions, find solutions to problems? I can help! Book an animal communication session with me and find out what your pet really has to say.

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